Wedding album with hand flipping through pages

Book-style wedding album with thin pages

Hey guys, I’m super excited about a new type of wedding album I’m offering!

I usually offer wedding albums with rigid thick pages that are super durable. You can see some album images here. It’s a beautiful style of book to sit on your coffee table so you can show guests who come over. However, because the pages are so sturdy, they quickly make a book quite heavy. So I typically only include 30 pages in my standard albums. This is enough to tell the story of your wedding day with highlight images. It’s like watching a trailer for a movie.

Now, I’m offering a wedding album with thin pages that lets us include 100 pages (or more) in the book design. Wow! You can include a lot more images and stories from throughout your entire wedding day. As you page through the book, you get better sense of the atmosphere of the entire day. It’s like watching the feature-length movie.

The book comes in a custom linen box to match the linen cover binding and is available in a variety of colours.

Here’s some images to show what a book-style album looks like. This sample is 9.5×13 inches with a burnt sienna and beige colour design. Opened, the book is 26 inches wide and the pages do not lay flat.

Wedding album in a box with ribbon on a table with plants and a ukulele

Wedding album with burnt sienna cloth cover

Close up detail of spine of wedding album with book pages open

Close up of corner of wedding album sitting on its decorative box

Amber coloured wedding album with cream coloured storage box

Hand flipping through wide wedding album

Wide view of landscape wedding book with thin pages

A look at a wedding book spread with images from the wedding reception

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