Wedding photography

It’s the moments of emotion that make each wedding unique and unforgettable. The best way to get amazing wedding photos is to let yourself be present, be spontaneous and enjoy every minute.

Wedding day timeline

I use a calm and friendly approach so wedding couples feel comfortable getting their photo taken. Here’s a little glimpse into how a typical wedding day unfolds and how I approach photographing each part of the day.


The morning, as you are getting ready for the wedding with your friends and family, is a time of anticipation. Nerves can be present because there’s a lot happening at once and you’re thinking about getting to the wedding on time, but your friends will be excited to be with you and can help you relax.

I usually capture the candid moments of fun, the final touches of your makeup, your friends helping you tie your dress or bow tie, any little details and any emotional moments with your parents.

First look:

Some wedding couples choose to see each other in a “reveal” before the wedding ceremony. We can choose a quiet location where you can meet. I stand at a distance and capture your reactions as you see each other for the first time on the wedding day. You can enjoy the emotions of seeing each other all dressed up and it’s a tiny moment for you to be together before the start of the busy wedding day.

Wedding couple portraits:

Often, the first look leads right into the wedding couple’s portraits. But if you’re not seeing each other before the ceremony, these portraits can happen during your cocktail hour. For couple’s portraits, we head to a picturesque location we’ve chosen together for creative portraits of the two of you. Examples of locations include parks, downtown streets, lush gardens, forests, museums, graffiti-covered buildings, orchards, lakes, urban areas, or often, the wedding venue itself. At the location, I’ll guide you through some interactive photo ideas as we wander around. I’ll suggest an active pose, for example, “How about you two walk down this row of trees hand in hand and come back towards me? You’re allowed to pause for a kiss anytime you want!” And as you have fun with these ideas, we’ll capture some natural smiles and some intimate moments.


The wedding ceremony is the reason you’re here! Your family and friends are all gathered together with you. They are here to witness your union and support you. I love it when couples write their own vows to read to each other. It’s always a touching and beautiful moment to photograph.

Family portraits:

Before the wedding, we’ll make sure we have a list of family group portraits we need to take. We’ll gather the family (usually right after the ceremony) and efficiently take the group photos. It can help if a sibling or friend can help call out the next groups to keep us on track.

Wedding party portraits:

Either before or after the ceremony, we can take wedding party photos with your friends. Whether you have 8 bridesmaids and groomsmen or just a few witnesses, it’s fun to get some creative portraits with close friends.


The reception is when you should really get to relax and let loose. The ceremony and other official parts of the wedding are complete and it’s time to celebrate!

At the wedding reception, I’ll go back to photojournalistic coverage of the rest of the night. I use off-camera flashes to get control the light in dim reception halls. From your first dance, to parent speeches, to silly games, cutting your wedding cake, tossing a bouquet, and your guest’s epic dance moves…I’ll cover it all!

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