Témoignages des clients

Quand on cherche le meilleur photographe de mariage, c’est toujours bon d’entendre l’avis des clients qui ont déjà travaillé avec la personne. L’approche de chaque photographe est différente et c’est important d’avoir des références des clients pour savoir comment est leur travail le jour du mariage.

Voici des témoignages de mes clients de mariage:

« Esther was exactly what we needed.

She let us be and captured beautiful natural moments. »
– Roxanne, bride

Wedding photographer review

« We were not big into lots of posed photos, and Esther respected that, quickly understood our style and got lots of candid, fun, honest and beautiful shots… »
– Tiana, bride

Montreal wedding photographer review

« Esther was a big part of capturing our special moments, and now lovely memories! She was so nice, so pleasant and easy to work with.

Esther, we are really impressed with all your hard work and devotion! »
– Don and Mina, wedding couple

Wedding photographer review

« The engagement photoshoot was our first ever shoot and Esther was very understanding and patient with us… End result was amazing! »
– Didier, groom

Montreal wedding photographer review

« Top-notch photographer with an unusually good eye for capturing candid moments! »
– Tania, bride

Winter wedding photo in the snow in Old Montreal

« Exactly the kind of person a bride and groom want to work with: kind, calm, fun, patient, organized … the list goes on.

She has an eye that captured the most amazing shots – things we didn’t even know she managed to see. »
– Victoria, bride

« I knew that this was someone I could trust when it came to my own wedding photos, and she definitely proved me right!

Extremely talented and a true professional, she has a knack for capturing all of the natural, candid moments, and has left us with great memories and stunning photos of our wedding day. »
– Lauren, bride

Montreal wedding photographer review

« She made us feel at ease, humoured and the photos are fabulous. We would like to say how very impressed we were with the the photographs taken of the day and how some of the moments were beautifully captured. »
– Debbie, bride

« She managed to stay so undercover that we forgot she was there! »
– Denis, groom

« When I show off my wedding photos to friends, family and acquaintances, the first comment is always « Wow ». »
– Alaina, bride


« As a wedding photographer, Esther completely exceeded our expectations….

She captured our day in exactly the way we wanted (with a very candid, photojournalistic style) and we were totally blown away by the final results. »
– Tania, bride

« She already had another couple booked on the day we had originally booked our venue, so we changed our wedding date – because we could not think of any other photographer – and we are so happy of our decision 🙂 »
– Ayako, bride

« Esther has an incredible eye for settings and terrific timing, catching us and our guests at our best. »
– James, groom

Montreal wedding photographer review

« Esther is a wedding photo ninja. Her candid photos are great for capturing attendee’s experiences the day of the wedding, she has a great eye for finding amazing backdrops. »
– Amanda, bride

« She captured moments that showed who we were as a couple and had an excellent balance of keeping together every tiny detail and working very efficiently in a hectic environment while also having a relaxed vibe to her that made it feel like she was a friend. »
– Mollie, bride

« We had so many different professionals involved in our wedding and Esther was by far the best! … She took the time to get to know us as a couple and remembered so many little details that made our photos perfect and matched our vibe. »
– Johanu, groom

Montreal wedding photographer review

« We’ll never forget her hard work and dedication while shooting our wedding photos outside in a crazy October surprise snow squall. Without a jacket or an umbrella, Esther was relentless in her efforts to get the perfect shots on our big day. »
– Jennifer and Mike, wedding couple

« She was very relaxing to work with and has an artful eye to catch candid moments. I loved the pictures from the ceremony and everyone had their happy face on at the reception. I am SOOOOO happy with the photos!! »
– Sarah and Brendan, wedding couple

Montreal wedding photographer review

« Esther est énormément douée pour prendre des photos sur le vif sans qu’on le sache.

Les résultats sont magnifiques, de voir nos êtres chers à leur naturel. »
– Stephanie, mariée

Montreal wedding photographer review

« Nos photos sont superbes. On est vraiment contents de l’avoir choisie! »
– Rachel, mariée

« Esther est une photographe avec un talent artistique remarquable, un professionnalisme hors pair, elle sait vous mettre à l’aise et rester à l’écoute de vous durant toute la séance! »
– Emilie, mariée

Montreal wedding photographer review

« Sa grande force, c’est que ses images racontent une histoire et nous permettent de revivre encore ou même de découvrir les moments les plus spontanés, les plus intenses, les grands bonheurs et les anecdotes amusantes et souvent émouvantes qui ont marqué la journée. »
– Maryse, bride

« Nous avons eu beaucoup de commentaires positifs de la part de nos familles et amis à propos de nos photos de mariage. Nous n’aurions pas pu choisir une meilleure photographe à mon avis! »
– Catherine, mariée

Montreal wedding photographer review

« J’adore mes photos : elles nous permettent de revivre nos beaux moments comme ils se sont déroulés! »
– Stephanie, mariée

« Nous voulions des images capables de capter les moments magiques, l’atmosphère et les rencontres, plutôt que des photos très posées. C’est exactement ce qu’Esther nous a offert! »
– Maryse, mariée

« Nos photos sont sublimes! À elle seule, elle a su capturer tous les moments magiques de notre mariage sous tous ses angles!

Elle était partout en même temps, et à la fois tellement discrète et respectueuse! On a adoré sa simplicité, sa délicatesse et sa bonne humeur! »
– Karine et Alex, mariés

Montreal wedding photographer review

« Our small wedding was full of love and laughter, and her photos capture every magical moment of it. »
– A, bride