• Bride's foot coming down stairs in sparkly blue ballerina flat.
  • Father of the groom tying his shoes with bright argyle socks.
  • Candid photo of impatient father of the bride getting bow tie tied.
  • Many hands of bridesmaids buttoning up wedding dress.
  • Ringbearer holding the rings on his two curled index fingers.
  • Macro photo of wedding rings with firework sparkler in the background.
  • Emotional first look between bride and groom along Lachine Canal.
  • Intimate first look between bride and groom in Westmount.
  • Grandpa checking watch during wedding ceremony.
  • Bride's dad kissing her hands as he sees her in her wedding dress.
  • Bride arriving with parents at the wedding ceremony.
  • A nervous groom takes a deep breath during a wedding ceremony at Abbaye d'Oka.
  • Emotional photo of bride during wedding ceremony near gazebo at Auberge des Gallant.
  • Emotional older groom during wedding vows.
  • Emotional mom wiping tears during Asian wedding ceremony.
  • Mother of bride crying during intimate B&B wedding.
  • Greek crowns and ribbons during wedding ceremony with Katherine Barr, wedding officiant.
  • Emotions running high as rings are exchanged during wedding ceremony at Saint-Ambroise.
  • Parade of trays during Persian wedding ceremony.
  • Wedding guest cheering enthusiastically from church pew.
  • Freezing winter ceremony outdoors at Pavillon Jamaique, in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Happy bride and groom exit Birks Chapel on Mcgill campus.
  • Wedding high five in the woods.
  • Peaceful wedding portrait in green woodsy landscape.
  • Groom walks toward bride on mountaintop in Sutton, Quebec.
  • Creative wedding portrait on narrow bridge.
  • Documentary wedding photo of bridesmaids riding away on the back of a golf cart.
  • Groom gently touches veil as it blows in the breeze during wedding portraits.
  • Closeup photo of brides holding hands with wedding rings.
  • Creative portrait of wedding couple kissing half-hidden by architectural columns.
  • Creative photo of bride and groom framed by yellow construction crane in Old Montreal.
  • Bird's eye view of symmetrical staircase with bride and groom below at Chateau Saint-Ambroise.
  • Quirky nighttime photo of wedding couple kissing near neon lights.
  • Quirky wedding photo of couple walking by grungy neighbourhood storefront.
  • Shy wedding couple cuddling on bench.
  • Bridal party portrait in Old Montreal.
  • Bridal party sitting and chatting in Royer courtyard in Old Montreal.
  • Quirky photo of wedding party jumping on stairs.
  • Wedding party sitting near fountain at Chateau Saint-Ambroise.
  • Wide-angle photo of wedding party standing at base on tall red brick building.
  • Wedding party jumping on a hilltop.
  • Bride and groom with friends at the bar, getting ready to drink shots.
  • Wedding photo of hand outstretched to guide bartender in pouring shots.
  • Wedding buddies rocking out on the air guitar and air drums at Restaurant L'Ambroisie.
  • Grandma dancing at Haitian wedding reception.
  • Limbo game in action at wedding reception.
  • Sad baby being comforted by wedding guests.
  • Bride making excited eyes at her sister.
  • Closeup of wedding ring tattoo.
  • Safety pin holding up wedding dress strap.
  • Wedding detail of lace-back dress.
  • Bride hugging guest during reception at Espace Rive-Sud.
  • Father of the bride giving speech at Pavillon de la Jamaique.
  • Wedding couple share macaroons instead of traditional wedding cake.
  • Mother of bride drumming at Lebanese Canadian wedding reception.
  • Documentary wedding photo of bride and groom lifted on chairs during hora.
  • Close up wedding photo of hands joining together in hora dance.
  • Groom drinking shots off the floor in Drunk Man's Dance (Greek wedding tradition)
  • Groom casually crossing his legs as he is lifted in the air on a chair
  • Groom reaching across a crowd to shake hands with his friend at wedding reception.
  • Latina bride sharing a moment with flower girl.
  • Groomsmen giving speech at Vieux-Port Steakhouse.
  • Groomsmen laughing at speech during wedding dinner.
  • Guys lift up the ring bearer to catch the garter mid-air.
  • Wedding guests shirt torn off during wedding scavenger game.
  • Excited wedding couple lifting shoes in the air for shoe game.
  • Wedding guests spenning around on his back on the dance floor.
  • Wedding guest doing the limbo on dance floor.
  • Wedding guests dancing in streaks of neon light.
  • Bride tossing bouquet at Le Westin hotel in Montreal.
  • Crazy blindfolded garter prank at wedding reception.

Reviews / Here's what clients are saying

  • Esther was exactly what we needed. ... She let us be and captured beautiful natural moments.
    Roxanne, bride
  • She managed to stay so undercover that we forgot she was there!
    Denis, groom
  • Esther est une photographe avec un talent artistique remarquable, un professionnalisme hors pair, elle sait vous mettre à l'aise et rester à l'écoute de vous durant toute la séance!
    Émilie, bride
  • Nos photos sont superbes. On est vraiment contents de l'avoir choisie!
    Rachel, bride
  • Esther was a big part of capturing our special moments, and now lovely memories! She was so nice, so pleasant and easy to work with. ... Esther, we are really impressed with all your hard work and devotion!
    Mina, bride
  • We were not big into lots of posed photos, and Esther respected that, quickly understood our style and got lots of candid, fun, honest and beautiful shots...
    Tiana, bride
  • When I show off my wedding photos to friends, family and acquaintances, the first comment is always "Wow".
    Alaina, bride
  • Esther has an incredible eye for settings and terrific timing, catching us and our guests at our best.
    James, groom
  • The engagement photoshoot was our first ever shoot and Esther was very understanding and patient with us... End result was amazing!
    Didier, groom
  • Nous avons eu beaucoup de commentaires positifs de la part de nos familles et amis à propos de nos photos de mariage. Nous n'aurions pas pu choisir une meilleure photographe à mon avis!
    Catherine, bride
  • J'adore mes photos : elles nous permettent de revivre nos beaux moments comme ils se sont déroulés!
    Stéphanie, mariée
  • Our small wedding was full of love and laughter, and her photos capture every magical moment of it.
    A, bride
  • Esther est énormément douée pour prendre des photos sur le vif sans qu'on le sache. Les résultats sont magnifiques, de voir nos êtres chers à leur naturel.
    Stéphanie, mariée
  • You know she has the perfect image in her mind before taking the shot and does everything to reproduce the inspiration.
    Denis, groom
  • She already had another couple booked on the day we had originally booked our venue, so we changed our wedding date - because we could not think of any other photographer - and we are so happy of our decision :)
    A, bride