• Black and white wedding photo of bride and groom sitting on bench inside of rustic baseball pit, seen through hole in a chain-link fence
  • Emotional wedding photo of bride and groom entering ceremony hand in hand at Chateau Saint-Ambroise, Montreal
  • Creative portrait of wedding couple dancing in doorway of rustic hallway lit with hanging lights, at Abbaye d'Oka, Quebec
  • Photojournalistic wedding photo of bride reaching across to wipe groom's eyes during their wedding ceremony at Les Trois Tilleuls chapel in Monteregie, Quebec
  • Black and white photo of bridesmaids' emotional reaction during a wedding ceremony at Chateau St-Ambroise, Montreal
  • Creative silhouette portrait of groom kissing bride's hand inside Le Challenger reception hall in Montreal
  • Wedding photo of groom dipping bride for kiss against concrete industrial background in Saint-Henri
  • Emotional wedding photo of the bride's brother crying during the wedding ceremony
  • Emotional photo of bride's sister reading her speech during the wedding reception
  • Bride and groom sitting in a golf cart toasting each other with champagne glasses
  • Documentary wedding photo of kid at wedding giving high five
  • In action wedding photo of giant JENGA tower collapsing during cocktail hour games
  • Emotional wedding photo of bride crying as she hugs her father
  • Silhouette image of bride in curlers getting her makeup done for her wedding
  • Action photo of wedding couple swing-dancing during their wedding reception at La Vieille Brasserie de Lachine
  • Candid photo of little girls at wedding, excited to be drinking bubbly in champagne glasses
  • Candid wedding photo of kids running during wedding reception
  • Close up detail photo of wedding rings on a copy of Lords of the Rings
  • Wedding detail images of rings in front of a fire pit
  • Wedding reception photo of bride and groom entering the hall through a hole cut in a sheet
  • Wide-angle wedding photo of bride and parents entering the impressive Eglise Saint-Patrice in Magog, Quebec
  • Candid wedding photo of groomsmen ironing a tie
  • Candid wedding photo of bridesmaids laughing as they lace up a corset-back wedding dress
  • Documentary wedding photo of bride excited to be in her wedding dress
  • Natural wedding portrait of bride and groom on dock in Fitch Bay lake, near Magog
  • Creative wedding photo of bride and groom's reflection in funky mirror
  • Happy married couple embracing as they exit the wedding chapel, while guests blow bubbles at them
  • Wedding guests throwing multi-coloured paper cranes up into the air at Japenese-Quebec wedding on Ile Navark
  • Wedding couple happily exiting the ceremony at Place d'Armes Hotel as guests shower them in confetti
  • Candid photo of the father of the groom lifting his son on his shoulders, during the hora, as his shirt button pops and a huge grin covers his face
  • A calm photo of quiet moment as the groom walks away hand in hand with his young daughter
  • A natural photo of the bride and groom walking in a rustic wedding location

Reviews / Here's what clients are saying

  • Esther was exactly what we needed. ... She let us be and captured beautiful natural moments.
    Roxanne, bride
  • Esther est une photographe avec un talent artistique remarquable, un professionnalisme hors pair, elle sait vous mettre à l'aise et rester à l'écoute de vous durant toute la séance!
    Émilie, bride
  • Nos photos sont superbes. On est vraiment contents de l'avoir choisie!
    Rachel, bride
  • She managed to stay so undercover that we forgot she was there!
    Denis, groom
  • Esther was a big part of capturing our special moments, and now lovely memories! She was so nice, so pleasant and easy to work with. ... Esther, we are really impressed with all your hard work and devotion!
    Mina, bride
  • When I show off my wedding photos to friends, family and acquaintances, the first comment is always "Wow".
    Alaina, bride
  • Esther has an incredible eye for settings and terrific timing, catching us and our guests at our best.
    James, groom
  • The engagement photoshoot was our first ever shoot and Esther was very understanding and patient with us... End result was amazing!
    Didier, groom
  • Nous avons eu beaucoup de commentaires positifs de la part de nos familles et amis à propos de nos photos de mariage. Nous n'aurions pas pu choisir une meilleure photographe à mon avis!
    Catherine, bride
  • She already had another couple booked on the day we had originally booked our venue, so we changed our wedding date - because we could not think of any other photographer - and we are so happy of our decision :)
    Ayako, bride
  • We were not big into lots of posed photos, and Esther respected that, quickly understood our style and got lots of candid, fun, honest and beautiful shots...
    Tiana, bride
  • J'adore mes photos : elles nous permettent de revivre nos beaux moments comme ils se sont déroulés!
    Stéphanie, mariée
  • Our small wedding was full of love and laughter, and her photos capture every magical moment of it.
    A, bride
  • Esther est énormément douée pour prendre des photos sur le vif sans qu'on le sache. Les résultats sont magnifiques, de voir nos êtres chers à leur naturel.
    Stéphanie, mariée
  • You know she has the perfect image in her mind before taking the shot and does everything to reproduce the inspiration.
    Denis, groom