Surprise proposal at Mount Royal lookout

Surprise proposal photographer in Montreal

I get to play spy proposal photographer a lot!

After shooting my first romantic surprise proposal in 2013, I’ve been lucky enough to get to take photos of even more proposals as the years go by! Like this winter proposal in Old Montreal or this rainy day proposal on mount Royal or this proposal at the Montreal Botanical Garden.

About surprise proposals

I’ve got to give major props to the folks who contact me to plan secret pictures of their proposals! They really wanted to plan something romantic and special by proposing to their girlfriend or boyfriend during a trip to Montreal. And what’s most important, they wanted to capture the moment forever in photos.

Proposals happen so quickly–5 minutes or so, and the words have been said and have faded into space. Tears are being dried, mascara’s being fixed, and even though all the big smiles and hugs are still there, it was all a blur! That’s why it’s such a gift to have the memories of that one brief instant captured in photos you can keep. It’s personal history in the making.

I love being able to document that history for couples over the years. I worked with them to get the timing and location right so everything would go smoothly. And it was amazing to be able to witness and document these big emotional moments in their relationships!

Planning your proposal photos

If you’re planning to propose in Montreal, I would love to photograph it! I really enjoy being a secret photographer while pretending to be “just another tourist”. If you’re from out of town and need suggestions on where to do a surprise proposal in Montreal, I’d be happy to help. Just write me a message and we’ll chat!

Best proposal locations in Montreal

If you’re hoping to capture the moment of your proposal while keeping it a surprise, some of the best spots are favourite tourist locations, because a stranger will a camera will blend right into the crowd.

Here are some of my favourite locations:

Old Montreal/Old Port

  • Place d’Armes square in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal
  • Rue Royer courtyard in Old Montreal
  • Along the boardwalk in the Old Port
  • Near the Clock Tower pier
  • Place Jacques Cartier
  • Near the giant ferris wheel in Old Montreal
  • De la Commune street
  • Near the Farine Five Roses sign
Proposal location: Place d’Armes
Calling family members to share the news!
Summer time on the boardwalk
Proposal location: Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal
Proposal location: Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal
Surprise proposal photographer in Montreal
Couple hugging in winter proposal photoshoot
Proposal location: Place D'armes square in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica
Proposal location: Place D’armes square in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica
Black and white photo of couple excited after proposal
Proposal location: De La Commune street in Old Montreal
Proposal location: De La Commune street in Old Montreal
Proposal location: Notre-Dame-Basilica

“Esther took really beautiful photos of my proposal to my girlfriend (now fiancée). She was completely helpful at every stage, suggesting the perfect place. And then the photos she took were basically just gorgeous. Highly recommend working with her.



  • Near Mount-Royal chalet and the Kondiaronk belvedere for a view over downtown
  • Near Beaver Lake
  • Near Georges-Étienne-Cartier statue
  • Summit lookout and Summit woods in Westmount
Proposal location: The belvedere on top of Mount-Royal with the city skyline.
Proposal location: Kondiaronk belvedere on top of Mount-Royal.
Surprise proposal photographed at the Mount Royal lookout
Proposal location: Mount Royal Chalet
Proposal location: Kondiaronk belvedere after a winter storm
Proposal location: Summit lookout in Westmount

“Esther was terrific. She was very easy to work, and did an incredible job at capturing my surprise proposal. The pictures were beautiful! Thank you Esther!”


The Plateau Mont-Royal

  • Carré Saint-Louis
  • the colourful houses in Plateau Mont-Royal
Proposal location: Carré Saint-Louis
Proposal location: Carré-Saint-Louis
Rue Drolet

The Botanical Garden and surroundings

  • Montreal Botanical Garden
  • Olympic Stadium grounds
  • Maisonneuve Park
Proposal location: Montreal Botanical Garden

Jean-Drapeau park

  • Near the Biosphere
  • Near the Trois Disques sculpture with nearby view of the Montreal skyline
  • Débarcadère Navette Maritime for a quieter spot to view of the Montreal skyline
Proposal location: Jean-Drapeau Park
Near the Biosphere


  • Esplanade Ernest-Cormier: This small quiet park downtown has a row of small trees and modern concrete structures with green vines.
  • Place des festivals: In the heart of bustling downtown Montreal, right next to the Musée d’art contemporain. Usually there’s lots of life, crowds, food trucks, fountains and art installations.
  • Avenue du Musée: This street heading north from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts usually has some sculptures and colourful installations that can be really fun to explore.
  • McGill University campus: If you are university alumni and especially if you met each other while studying, McGill campus is a really meaningful and beautiful spot for couples photos. It has a lot of pretty spots that would make a good place to pop the question as well!

You can also pretend you’re just doing a regular couple photoshoot

If you’d like to do your proposal in a quieter, more private spot, it might not be possible for me to hide and follow you discreetly. In that case, I recommend we set up a “regular” couples photoshoot. You can tell your partner you’d like to take photos together for fun, as a gift to them. You can then choose your moment during the couples photoshoot and surprise your partner at the right time.

“I chose Esther to capture my surprise proposal at the Old Port during the fireworks festival. From the first email I knew I had made the right choice. She had tips and suggestions on the location and lighting to ensure my fiancee’s reaction would be captured.
Esther got to the location a half hour before the fireworks and made contact via text to let me know she had spotted us. She took many candid shots of us before the proposal and then captured the moment perfectly. …
I would choose Esther again in a heartbeat and she has given us the photos to go along with the great memories of such an amazing day in our relationship!”

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