Montreal wedding photography

Wedding photography for couples who want to be present and enjoy every moment of their day.

My approach is mainly candid because I want your photos to reflect who you really are. I look for moments that are happening, without asking people to pose for the camera. This gives you more natural photos and memories.

I’ve been photographing weddings full-time since 2013 in the greater Montreal area, as well as throughout the Laurentians, Eastern Townships, Ontario and New England.

Read on for everything you need to know to set up wedding photography with me:

What is your style of wedding photography?

Each wedding photographer develops their own unique style. It’s a mix of :

  • how they approach the wedding day (their intention and preparation)
  • how they interact with you and your wedding guests (personality and guidance)
  • the visual look of the photos they take (artistic style, creative angles)
  • and the way they edit these images (visual mood, retouching)

The style I mainly use is wedding photojournalism (also called documentary wedding photography).

What is documentary wedding photography?

Photojournalistic wedding photography focuses on documenting wedding days with minimal posing, staged moments or coached smiles. This approach leads to original candid photos that record your loved ones as they are on your wedding day. Genuine emotions and all!

I joined the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) in 2015. It’s an organization that exists to promote and accredit photographers who work primarily with a wedding photojournalistic approach. It has inspired me so much!

What we love about Esther’s photos is that they tell a story! Looking through them, we get to relive all the spontaneous and intense moments of our wedding. We remember the big feelings of joy and all the silly and touching things that happened.

Maryse and Axel

Esther was exactly what we needed. She let us be and captured beautiful natural moments.

Roxanne and Alan

We love the candid photo style, but do you also do some posed wedding portraits?

During most of your wedding day I focus on capturing spontaneous moments, but I ALWAYS take time for some couple portraits and group portraits. If you want, I’ll even give you a little friendly guidance during portrait time, so you feel comfortable and know what to do with your hands.

Portraits of your family or chosen family are so important and serve as a record of your history. While you’re committing your lives to each other, the folks you consider family are also joining to support you. We’ll make sure to set aside time in the busy wedding day to take group photos with all these VIPs (grandparents, parents, siblings, BFFs, etc.). These pictures with them will be so meaningful to you as time passes.

It has meant more to me than you can imagine that our family history starts here. That I have these photos for my children to look back at and see us as we were in these moments.

Andrea and Thibaud

What editing style do you use for wedding images?

Part of what make each wedding photographer unique is the editing techniques and visual style they give to the images.

There are a few main wedding photo editing styles:

  • Clean: This editing style stays true to the natural colours without adding any filters or effects to distract. This editing style is sometimes called timeless, because it avoids editing trends that can leave photos looking dated in just a few years.
  • Light and Airy: A romantic and low-contrast editing style featuring pastel colour tones. This post-processing style makes me think of soft watercolour paintings.
  • Dark and moody: This style features dark shadows and a dramatic mood. Colours are muted and greens are especially desaturated. A film-like grain is often added to the image digitally.
  • Vibrant: With strong contrast and bold saturated colours, this style packs a punch.
  • Black and white: Black and white photos eliminate all distractions. This style of editing is a powerful way to highlight emotional moments.

I edit all your images in a style somewhere between clean and vibrant. Depending on the event and the look of the day, I’ll adjust the contrast to fit the mood. I adjust the brightness and fine-tune the colours to keep them natural. I also choose to edit some of the photos of your wedding day in black and white. The images you see on this website are a good representation of the style of editing I do.

How much does wedding photography cost?

For many people getting married, the amount spent on photography works out to between 10% and 15% of their total wedding budget. However, some folks with smaller weddings still choose to splurge on a great wedding photographer because the memories of their wedding day are invaluable to them.

The main factors impacting the price of wedding photography are:

  • the experience and talent of your wedding photographer
  • the number of hours of coverage you need
  • whether you want to do an engagement photoshoot before your wedding
  • whether you need a second photographer
  • and whether you’d like to have any printed products like a wedding album

What are your wedding photography rates?

My wedding pricing starts at $3800 for 8 hours of coverage. You can find all my wedding photography packages and everything that’s included with the pricing laid out clearly on my Pricing page.

Esther is not just super duper talented, she’s delightfully sweet, kind, warm and easy to work with. Just about every guest she interacted with at our event found me later to say how lovely she was and ask where we found her. Not only that, she provided us with oodles of fantastic photos to remember our special days.

Sara and Ron

Esther just shot our wedding and she was AMAZING. Just an all-around A+ photographer and a genuinely loveable human being. She made the entire experience fun and easy, she gave direction well while never feeling intrusive, she was professional without being stiff. Her ability to switch her focus on a dime was impressive.

Cindy and Brian

What can I expect when working with you?

If you’re like most people contacting me, it’s your first time planning a wedding and your first time hiring a wedding photographer. It can feel like a big scary process. And you probably have some anxiety and unknowns about the whole experience.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works so you can feel prepared and know what to expect along every step of way.

How to Book your wedding photos

  • Send me a message with your wedding date and a little info about you and your wedding plans.
  • The next step is to set up a get-to-know-you chat (online or in person). We’ll talk about what you’re looking for in your wedding photos, how I work and any questions you have.
  • Once you’ve chosen a package and are ready to book your date, I’ll prepare a contract for you to fill out.
  • As soon as I receive your signed contract and booking fee, your wedding date is reserved! Yay!

Before the wedding

  • If you’ve selected a package that includes engagement photos (which I love doing with couples!) we’ll plan a creative engagement photo session in the months before your wedding.
  • Pre-wedding chat: About 2-3 weeks before your wedding, we’ll meet or call each other to go over all the details. We’re talking schedule, unique elements of your ceremony or reception, family photo lists, plan B if it rains, etc. We’ll go over all the nitty-gritty questions so that we’re on the same page and I’m prepared for everything on your wedding day.

Your wedding day

It’s finally here! We’ve done all the planning, your work is over! Now it’s time to let it go and follow the flow of the day. I’ll be at your side to capture all the spontaneous moments of your day, while you enjoy spending time with the people that matter to you.

After the wedding

  • After I photograph your wedding, I back up your photos in several locations to keep them safe.
  • Within 8 to 12 weeks of your wedding, I’ll be done editing and I’ll be in touch to deliver your image collection.
  • You can share your private gallery with friends and family, print your own photos anywhere and anytime, or even decide to order a wedding album. Wedding books make perfect gifts for parents or to keep as a family heirloom for years to come.

Want me to take photos of your wedding day?

If you’re getting married and are excited to work with me for your wedding photos, let’s talk!