Couple enjoying champagne at sunset on their porch

Cozy at-home engagement photos

For Chris and Amy’s engagement photos, they decided to do a super casual photo session around their home. They love their neighbourhood in Mile-End and their backyard is one of their favourite places to be! As Amy says, “It’s zen AF!” So why not capture those everyday vibes with at-home engagement photos?

They also wanted to get a few shots of Amy riding on the back of Chris’s wheelchair as they cruised down their street!

After Chris and Amy emailed me about shooting their wedding, we first met at Dispatch Coffee to get to know each other. I found out they are fans of video games, trivia nights, gardening, Hawaiian shirts, fun music and funky colours!

I had such a blast taking their engagement photos and getting to know this sweet and down-to-earth couple!

Doing an at-home photoshoot is one of the best ideas for pre-wedding photos! It’s such an easy way to get photos that feel genuine and intimate. Your engagement photos will reflect your real life together.

5 advantages of at-home engagement photos:

  • You will feel more relaxed because you’re in your comfort zone (and you don’t even need to brave the outside world).
  • You don’t have to worry about the weather– rain or shine, your home can be your cozy bubble.
  • I can capture the unique quirks of your home and your favourite hangout spots so you can look back on the photos as a kind of time capsule as the years go by.
  • You can easily include your pets if you have some. They are a big part of your life!
  • With my documentary approach, we can capture you two doing some activities you love (whether that’s cooking together in the kitchen with some good music, playing a board game with your favourite snacks, or just browsing on your phones as you cuddle on the couch…as we all do!). Natural moments make for the best memories!

Here’s some more favourites from Amy and Chris’s casual engagement photo session at home:

Woman waters flowers in backyard garden while man heads down wheelchair ramp
Amy waters their beautiful flower garden
Woman popping champagne in front of a fire pit in backyard
Popping champagne in the backyard (I think the cork flew over to the neighbour’s yard!)
Engagement photo of couple popping champagne in front of a fire pit in backyard
Woman gazing at her fiancé
Portrait of engaged couple in their backyard
At-home engagement photo of couple playing dominoes
A cozy domino game on the patio table
Engaged couple playing dominoes on their back porch
Getting competitive
Engagement photo of couple playing video games
Playing video games
Yard flamingos in front garden with engaged couple in the background
woman's hands touching small garden sign that says "Beware of attack flamingos"
At-home engagement photo at their front porch patio table
Engaged couple chatting in the sunset on their porch
couple laughing and smiling on porch
Couple looking at each other at patio table
couple holding hands on their front porch
couple holding hands with champagne glasses on porch
couple cuddling on front porch

For more of this couple, here’s the story of their intimate rooftop wedding at Santropol Roulant.

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