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Documentary couple photos in Montreal

Couple walking across crosswalk
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Documentary couple photos for a natural style

Judy planned a surprise trip to Montreal for her and her husband Patrick’s 2-year anniversary.

She contacted me because she liked my photojournalistic photography approach. She was looking for a local photographer who could take documentary couple photos as she and Patrick explored Montreal.

She wanted an authentic approach and less staged photos, because her and her husband are both a little shy in photos and would rather be captured in a candid way.

A taste of the Mile End

To get documentary couple pictures, it’s really good to plan for an activity you enjoy doing together. That way, I can get unposed images of you in action.

What better activity on vacation than trying some local foods?

We stopped by the take-out gnocchi place and Kem CoBa ice cream shop for some tasty treats for Judy and Patrick to try together. Yum!

Couple vacation photoshoot in Montreal
Montreal’s famous take-out gnocchi place in the Mile-End
Close up of 5 dollar gnocchi take-out box
Couple enjoying take out pasta
Getting ice cream during their engagement photos
Inside Kem CoBa ice cream shop
Garbage truck passing by engaged couple on bench
The garbage truck going by didn’t stop the fun!
Couple vacation photoshoot at ice cream place in Montreal
Couple vacation photoshoot at Kem CoBa
Couple vacation photos with ice cream
Close up of couple enjoying Kem CoBa ice cream
Couple vacation photo in Mile-End Montreal with blue wall
Couple vacation photoshoot in Montreal with snacks in Mile-End

Lifestyle couple photos around the Plateau Mont-Royal

We headed out to a nearby park to sit by the fountain and then wandered off to explore some alleyways for interesting graffiti. We were also hunting for some of Montreal’s famous colourful houses.

This part of the photo session was not pure documentary, since I did make some suggestions for interactive poses. These kinds of active poses are usually called lifestyle portraits, since they capture people reacting naturally as they would in everyday life.

Couple vacation photoshoot in park near Laurier metro 01
Parc Lahaie
Couple vacation photoshoot in park near Laurier metro 02
Couple vacation photoshoot in park near Laurier metro 03
Mile-end engagement photos with graffiti
Couple enjoying graffiti walk in Mile-End Montreal
Couple vacation photoshoot on St-Laurent street 08
Couple photos at Chemin Gilford 01
Chemin Gilford, a pedestrian street and urban space
Couple photos at Chemin Gilford 04
Couple vacation photoshoot in Montreal green alleyway
Couple walking in alleyway with brick wall behind
Couple shoot on rue Drolet Montreal
Rue Drolet
Happy couple photo in rue Drolet Montreal

Little moments of laughter and love

As we wandered throughout the neighbourhood, I was able to capture some moments of natural laughs and candid reactions from Judy and Patrick.

I feel that it’s so important to let yourself relax and have fun during a couple photoshoot. That’s why unposed shoots are so much more fun!

You can laugh with your partner, even though you feel a little awkward because there’s a photographer stalking you. 😉

A good documentary couple photographer will be able to catch the little moments and looks you share together. And these photos will look more like the real you!

Couple waiting at red light
Couple waiting at red light to cross street
Documentary couple photos in Mile-End Montreal
Documentary couple photos near mural in Mile-End Montreal
Couple laughing during documentary couples photo shoot

Book a Documentary couple photo session in Montreal

Whether you’re planning a trip to Montreal or you live here, you can book a documentary couple photo session with me!

We’ll wander the city and get natural, candid photos of you enjoying yourselves.

Just get in touch via my contact form or by email at to start planning your relaxed couple photoshoot.

More inspiration

Check out Alice & Sandra’s photoshoot if you’d like to see more lifestyle couple photography.

And Marie-Hélène & Louis also did their engagement photos in the Plateau.

Engagement portraits in Mile-End 04
Engagement portraits at Carre Saint-Louis 01
Engagement portraits at Carre Saint-Louis 02
Carré St-Louis, Montreal, Quebec

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