Wedding portrait on a dock

Loft wedding at Canvas Montreal

Melanie and Jonathan were married in an outdoors ceremony at Fritz Farm and then celebrated together with their friends and family at Canvas Montreal wedding venue.

Finding your wedding photographer

Melanie and Jonathan found me at the Salon Marions-Nous bridal show. It’s a big crowded event, but when you’re able to connect with right people in the crowd, you just know you’re going to work great together. When Melanie and Jonathan chatted with me about their wedding plans, I felt an instant kinship. Being a huge nerd myself, I really loved their introverted vibe and their geeky interests. They love board games and Jonathan has written a sci-fi novel just for fun. They are very sweet together and seem like best friends as well as partners.

Throwback to their engagement photos

We went to different locations for their engagement photo session: the Champ libre graffiti building and Pointe-Claire village. As I worked with them for these photos, I discovered they are absolutely adorable together. Their photoshoots were playful, with big smiles and quirky inside jokes.

Engagement portrait at colourful striped building
Engaged couple throwing leaves in the air

Getting ready photos

On their wedding morning, I went to Melanie’s sister’s home to capture the preparations with her friends. In the meantime, my second shooter for this wedding, photographer Maurizio Solis Broca, was capturing the groom and his friends preparing. The guys made oven pizza for lunch and googled “How to pin a boutonnière”. They were ready early and even had time to take some fun group shots with Maurizio. Back with the bride, the girls toasted with champagne, had some teary moments, and got some last minute snuggles in with Melanie’s baby niece.

Groomsman opening oven door
Groom eating a slice of pizza
groomsmen hanging out in the kitch
Close up of bride's hands
Bride getting makeup done
Reflection photo of bride getting makeup done
Bridesmaids and mom getting makeup done and pet dog wandering around
Groom getting his white shirt out
Suit hanging on mirror
Women pouring champagne in kitchen
Groom getting ready in mirror
Bridesmaid checking make up in hand mirror
Groom tying tie in mirror
Bride in her dress
Bride's sister doing up her dress
Groom doing his hair
Bride putting on earrings
Friend putting necklace on bride
Bride's mom seeing her for the first time in wedding dress
Mother hugging bride
Bride's mom emotional
Close up of bride's hands
Friend putting shoe on bride
Friends watching bride get ready
Groom and friends getting dressed
Daughter tying father's tie
Groomsmen descending stairs
Groomsmen looking up video on how to pin flower on
Groomsmen pinning on boutonniere
Toast to the bride after everyone is ready in the morning

First look photos

Before the ceremony, we photographed Jonathan and Melanie’s first look. Seeing each other before the wedding ceremony can be a more intimate moment than in front of your wedding guests. It’s also practical because you can do your wedding portraits before the ceremony and enjoy spending the cocktail hour with your guests. Of course, many brides and grooms want to savour the anticipation of seeing each other. They want to save the surprise for that moment when they walk down the aisle. So I understand that first look photos are not for everyone, but they can be very sweet and emotional.

Groom waiting for bride to arrive
Bride arriving in car with sister
Groom waiting for first look
Bride walking up behind groom
Seeing each other for the first time
A first kiss on the wedding day
Close up of bride and groom nose to nose smiling

Wedding photos on the dock and riverside

After their quiet and happy reunion, we headed out to take wedding portraits around Fritz Farm and across the road along the riverside. We explored a dock in the summer heat with the sun reflecting off the water. There were interesting shapes to see around the dock. Then we headed into the nearby trees for a few more portraits before heading back to the ceremony location. It was a very sunny day, but Jonathan and Melanie were troopers and so cheerful despite the heat. They shared the cutest smiles.

Wedding on a dock framed by structure
Wedding couple on a dock next to row boat
Wedding couple with river behind them
Bride and groom close together holding hands
Bride kissing groom's cheek in gazebo
Bride and groom sitting on gazebo steps
Bride and groom standing on the riverside in a row of tall trees

Outdoor wedding ceremony at Fritz Farm

Melanie and Jonathan’s wedding ceremony took place outdoors at the Fritz Community Centre in Baie d’Urfé. It was a blazing hot summer day, but, thankfully, there was shade from a row of friendly trees at the ceremony site.

The bride and groom stood under a rustic archway of birch branches and read their own vows to each other. There were a few cute funny moments during the ceremony. Jon’s wedding ring was pretty tight and wouldn’t slide on easily. And the sand for the sand ceremony spilled as they were signing the official documents. But everyone just laughed it off and enjoyed the wedding. I love photographing these moments because they are what make each wedding unique.

Wedding ceremony at Fritz Farm
Groom watching bride arrive
Bride and parents walking to wedding ceremony
Emotional mom at wedding ceremony
Laughter at wedding ceremony
Sunset wedding ceremony at Fritz Farm
Bride and groom smiling at their guests during wedding ceremony outdoors
Bridemaids at wedding ceremony
Groomspeople at wedding ceremony
Trouble getting the wedding ring on finger
Bride looking at groom at outdoor wedding ceremony
Groom looking at bride during outdoor wedding ceremony
Spilled sand at wedding ceremony
Laughter at wedding ceremony at Fritz Farm
Sand ceremony at outdoor wedding
Wedding guests clapping at ceremony
Family clapping during wedding ceremony
Bride and groom walking down the aisle together
Wedding couple cheering as they were just married
Wedding party portraits 01
Wedding party portraits 03
Wedding party portraits 06
Fritz Farm wedding portrait in front of tree

Canvas Montreal wedding reception

After taking family formals and enjoying cocktail hour at Fritz Farm, the couple and their guests headed to Lachine for the wedding reception at Canvas Montreal. This small wedding venue in Lachine has an industrial loft vibe. The exposed beams and brick walls make this a modern alternative wedding venue for more intimate events. The wedding couple and their friends decorated the venue themselves with a DIY vibe that included some rustic touches and literary quotes on each table.

The wedding night was filled with happy dancing, beautiful speeches and so many hugs!

Wedding decor details 02
Wedding decor details 03
Wedding decor details 04
Wedding decor details 12
Wedding decor details 08
Wedding decor details 09
Wedding decor details 07
Wedding decor details 06
Wedding decor details 10
Wedding couple grand entrance at Canvas Loft in Lachine 01
Wedding couple grand entrance at Canvas Loft in Lachine 02
Wedding couple grand entrance at Canvas Loft in Lachine 03
Hugs at arrival of bride and groom
Everyone starts dancing as wedding couple arrives at Canvas Montreal 01
Everyone starts dancing as wedding couple arrives at Canvas Montreal 02
Everyone starts dancing as wedding couple arrives at Canvas Montreal 03
Everyone starts dancing as wedding couple arrives at Canvas Montreal 04
Everyone starts dancing as wedding couple arrives at Canvas Montreal 05
Everyone starts dancing as wedding couple arrives at Canvas Montreal 06
Everyone starts dancing as wedding couple arrives at Canvas Montreal 07
Groom clapping at wedding reception
Wedding party sitting down at dinner
Glasses raised in toast at Canvas Loft reception hall
Father of groom giving speech and raising Star Trek hand sign
Wedding couple visiting tables and chatting with guests 01
Wedding couple visiting tables and chatting with guests 02
Wedding couple visiting tables and chatting with guests 03
wedding couple hugging
Wedding guest smiling at dinner
Wedding couple visiting tables and chatting with guests 05
bride giving hug to wedding guest
Wedding couple listening to speech
Wedding party singing a song at dinner at Canvas Loft Reception hall
Wedding guests singing a song
Wedding couple at dinner at Canvas Montreal
Wedding guests at Canvas Montreal 01
Groom's sister giving speech
Bridesmaids listening to speech
Man giving a speech at Canvas Montreal wedding
Groom laughing at speech at Canvas Montreal
Thank you speech from wedding couple
First dance at Canvas Montreal 02
First dance at Canvas Montreal 07
Bride's sister and her wife dancing
Groom's sister and her husband dancing
Wedding guests dancing at Canvas Montreal 01
Wedding guests dancing at Canvas Montreal 02
Wedding guests dancing at Canvas Montreal 03
Wedding guests dancing at Canvas Montreal 05
Wedding guests dancing at Canvas Montreal 06
Wedding reception at Canvas Montreal 10
Conga line at reception at Canvas Montreal
Rings on LEDs
Big group hug at wedding
Conga line at wedding reception
Bride leading the conga line
Groom chatting with his groomsmaid
bride dancing with groom's mom
Bride throwing bouquet
Shoe game at Canvas Montreal wedding
Shoe game at wedding in Lachine
Bride dancing with bridesmaid

Planning a wedding at Canvas Montreal?

If you’re getting married and you’re looking for a photojournalistic wedding photographer, I’d love to work with you. Send me a message to get started.

Updated for 2021: Canvas Montreal’s COVID-19 policy: Due to governmental shutdowns because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canvas Montreal is working with its couples to postpone weddings or when permitted, host events with a reduced capacity. According to their FAQ page, they have a postponement service at no charge and are doing their best to support couples who have to make changes to their wedding plans because of the pandemic.

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