Couple holding each other in front of graffiti mural in Montreal

Engagement Photos at Champ Libre

As an engagement photographer, I’m always looking for new backdrops and spaces that inspire creativity and playfulness.

A colourful Instagram post by Vincent Brillant clued me in to an interesting new location for engagement photos.

After some investigative Googling, I found out this new colourful space is called Champ Libre. It’s an artistic collaboration between Sid Lee, LNDMRK and Maser, an internationally-known graffiti artist.

Located near the intersection of Autoroutes 15 and 40, the building is not in an easy place to access. But it’s visible from the highway, bringing a splash of bright colours to an otherwise drab, industrial neighbourhood.

Guy holding fiancée in front of graffiti mural in Montreal

This disused tea factory is slated to be torn down to make way for the new Royalmount mega-mall project. In the meantime, it has a fresh new life as an ephemeral art project. Way to go out with a bang and not a whimper!

I was delighted by this space and so eager to use it as a creative space for some portraits. Just then, we were planning Melanie and Jonathan’s engagement photo session. Perfect timing! I suggested exploring this space for part of their session and they were up for it!

We met there on a very chilly and windy fall day and we had a blast taking some creative photos.

Newly engaged kissing in the wind in front of graffiti mural in Montreal

Couple smiling at each other in front of graffiti mural in Montreal

Guy making silly face to fiancée in front of graffiti mural in Montreal

Melanie and Jonathan are two happy nerds that fell in love. They are the sweetest and warmest folks. And they couldn’t stop smiling during the entire shoot!

I hope you enjoy these graffiti engagement photos as much as I did!

Guy smiling at his fiancée

Happy couple walkingNewly engaged couple dancing in the street of Montreal in front of a graffiti muralGuy kissing the hand of fiancéeCouple holding smiling to each otherEngaged couple teasing each other in front of graffiti mural

Couple holding each other in front of bleu and pink graffiti mural in Montreal

To see Part 2 of their photoshoot, see Engagement photos at the Pointe Claire Village.

And if you want some creative couple’s photos to celebrate your quirky love, please send me an email at! 🙂

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  1. I. Love. These. People. And these pictures! Thank you for capturing their absolutely adorable love for each other!

  2. Beautiful capture… I love this girlie since she was a tiny pea <3 …So happy for you and Jon, Melanie! xx

  3. Ines nsiri says:

    I can’t describe enough how much i love these colors !

    I hope they would still be there next summer for me to take some photos 🙂

    Great job Esther ! your location scouring skills are the best (y)

  4. Hehe! It’s not too late for winter shoots, Ines! You can do it! Brave the cold. 😉

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