Wedding at Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur Chapel

Wedding at Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur Chapel in Old Montreal

On a sunny day in May, Amanda and Jeremie were married at Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur Chapel in the Old Port.

The happy couple

Amanda and Jeremie are quiet, thoughtful, fun-loving and seem to have inner magnets that draw positive and loving people close around them. It was such fun to document the moments happening as family and friends gathered together for a big party to celebrate their love.

Here are some highlights of this wedding:

Wedding ceremony at Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Coeur Chapel

The Notre-Dame-du-Sacré Coeur is a hidden gem on Saint-Sulpice street. It’s less famous than its big sister the Notre-Dame Basilica, but it’s a great choice for a wedding ceremony. The smaller chapel makes for a more intimate setting. The interior is beautiful with warm wood tones, traditional wooden pews and carvings. A modern vaulted ceiling with a skylight lets in some glorious natural light. And the impressive bronze sculpted altarpiece at the front rises all the way to the ceiling, adding texture to the background of wedding photos.

Plus, the fact that it’s located right in picturesque Old Montreal makes it very easy to head out and take wedding photos right after the ceremony.

Of course, while their wedding ceremony was traditional, Amanda and Jeremie had to make it their own. During the greetings, Jeremie had to run to very last pew to shake hands with everybody. And when Amanda teared up during the ceremony, he pulled out a pack of tissues with little brides and grooms on them. They couldn’t stop smiling.

Stopping for dim sum at a food truck

After the ceremony, the entire bridal party invaded the nearby Montreal Dim Sum food truck for a bite to eat. It was a welcome break in the day and a relaxing moment to share with their friends. Plus, they were all starving, so the dim sum really to hit the spot!

A drive in a Corvette

Amanda and Jeremie rented a fancy white Corvette to drive to the reception hall together. The groomsmen seemed excited to check out the engine, while Jeremie couldn’t wait to get in the sports car and drive!

Wedding reception at Le Crystal Reception Hall

Amanda and Jeremie hosted their reception at Le Crystal Reception Halls in Ville Saint-Laurent. It’s a nice modern hall that was recently renovated. The cocktail buffet was glorious. I was awed by the fact that they made decorative carvings out of everything from cheese to watermelons.

While there were several hilarious and touching speeches during the night, my favourite was Amanda’s little brother who spoke about growing up with two sisters and how he always wanted a brother…now he’s got one in Jeremie!

Acadian trough dance

Amanda and Jeremie made his older sister dance a reel in a pig trough they built especially for the wedding, while his uncle played the spoons. It’s an old Acadian tradition to poke fun at unmarried older siblings with a silly dance. I’d seen a similar tradition while photographing Franco-Ontarian weddings: siblings dancing in silly socks. But this was the first time I’d seen anyone bring out a pig trough! Jeremie’s sister took on the challenge with brio!

The rest of the night went by in a blur, with everybody dancing, and a general atmosphere of love, friendship and good will. Hope you enjoy viewing these photos!

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