Wedding couple chatting at dinner

Wedding at the InterContinental Montreal

Wedding couple smiling at dinner

I was thrilled to work with F and J-C for their wedding at the InterContinental Montreal hotel.

A simple, story-telling approach

When I first met this quiet couple, they requested that we not do a bride and groom photo session after the ceremony. Instead, they wanted only a few simple portraits at the church. They are sweet and reserved and preferred having photos that tell the story of the day, without them being the centre of attention or having to pose for a photoshoot. They wanted their wedding photos to be about their families gathering together. Their style meshed perfectly with my photojournalistic wedding photography approach.

Wedding ceremony at the Saint-Léon-de-Westmount church

The wedding ceremony was held at the Saint-Léon-de-Westmount church in downtown Montreal. It was a sunny day and family and friends from Montreal and France gathered to witness their wedding. Since F and J-C met in a Catholic youth group, the religious ceremony was important to them. Their own priest officiated the wedding, making it very personal.

Portraits at the church

As the bride and groom had requested, we kept the formal portraits short and sweet, with a few group photos with family members on the church steps. Then we took only about 15 minutes together at the church to take some photos of the happy couple, still sporting huge happy smiles after their wedding ceremony.

Wedding reception at the Hotel InterContinental Montreal

The wedding reception was held in the “S.Bernhardt” hall at the hotel InterContinental Montreal. The night included heartfelt speeches by moms, aunts and uncles. There were a few fun games to break the ice among the guests. Along with the documentary wedding coverage, I took plenty of group photos so the bride and groom would have memories of all their guests. The night was expertly hosted by MC Alisha and DJ Matt from XO Productions.

Take a look at the photojournalistic wedding photos below for the story of this couple’s big day!

If you’re planning a wedding at the InterContinental Montreal, please send me a quick message to see if I’m available.

Groom's mother pinning boutonnière on groom
Groom and mom hugging
Church sign
Bride's godmother watching as bride arrives at wedding
Bride arriving at wedding
Bride reading her vows over in limo before ceremony
Groom looking down church aisle
bride and her mother walking up the church aisle
Bride and her mom walking up to front of church
Groom watching bride arrive
Wide shot of Saint-Leon de Westmount church wedding ceremony
Bride and groom holding hands
Wedding couple praying in religious ceremony
Detail of catholic church carving
Catholic church priest at wedding
Wedding couple listening during ceremony
Bride listening to homily
Wedding vows at Westmount church
Wedding guests during ceremony
Groom putting ring on his wife
Excited bride holding hands with groom
Guests clapping at wedding ceremony
Wedding couple kissing at church
Wedding couple during church ceremony
Wedding couple kissing during catholic ceremony
Wedding guests praying
Guests praying at wedding
Bride and groom at Catholic church ceremony
Mother of bride praying
Groom looking at bride during ceremony
Emotional bride at wedding
Signing the wedding papers
Just married wedding couple walking down the aisle
Just married wedding couple
Wedding couple exiting the church
Groom hugging mom after wedding
Happy guests after ceremony
Mom pinching groom's cheeks after wedding
Happy wedding ceremony exit
Black and white wedding portrait in church yard
Wedding couple sitting on bench in front of church
Wedding couple kissing in church after ceremony
Wedding couple exiting church steps
Wedding reception decor 01
Intercontinental Montreal Wedding reception Wedding reception details 02
Intercontinental Montreal Hotel wedding reception decor
Intercontinental Montreal Wedding reception
Hands playing a piano
Guest laughing at wedding reception
Guest smiling at reception
Wedding guests looking at photo album
Wedding guest shaking hands
Wedding guests smiling
Wedding guests greeting the bride and groom
Wedding MC Alishia Normil from XO Productions
Wedding guests cheering
Wedding couple raising glasses in toast
Wedding guests raising glasses in toast at Hotel Intercontinental Montreal
Speech at wedding reception
bride and groom listening to speech
Wedding guests laughing at speech
Mother of groom listening to speech
Groom chatting with relatives at wedding
Wedding games 01
Wedding games 02
Wedding games 03
Wedding guests clinking wine glass at Hotel Intercontinental wedding
Wedding speech at Intercontinental Montreal
Groom hugging godfather
Wedding couple chatting at dinner
Bridesmaids giving speech at Intercontinental wedding 01
Bridesmaids giving speech at Intercontinental wedding 02
Bridesmaids giving speech at Intercontinental wedding 03
Shoe game at Intercontinental Montreal wedding
Shoe game at Intercontinental Montreal wedding 02
Wedding guests dancing 01
Wedding guests dancing 02
Wedding guests dancing 03
Wedding guests dancing 04
Wedding guests dancing 05
Wedding guests dancing 06
Wedding guests dancing 07
Wedding guests dancing 08
Wedding guest dancing 10
Grandparents giving a high five
Guests at the bar at wedding
Wedding guests talking emotionally
Drinking at the wedding reception
Guest leaving a drawing in the guest book
Bride throwing bouquet
Bouquet toss at wedding
Bouquet catch at wedding
Bride and groom dancing at night wedding reception at Intercontinental Montreal

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