Le Westin Montreal wedding

An autumn wedding at Le Westin Montreal

An autumn wedding usually means chilly weather. But for Youssef and Heba’s October wedding, the happy celebration of love kept everyone warm.

The bride and groom got ready in their families’ homes, just a short distance apart. Then, the groom walked over to the bride’s house, where they saw each other for the first time, in the chaotic crush of family and friends.

For a photojournalistic wedding photographer, this type of celebration is so much fun to cover.

For the formal couple’s portraits, we headed to Mount-Royal park, at a Montreal landmark commonly called the “tam-tam statue “. On Sundays in the summer, this monument is surrounded by vibrant drumming and dancing. But in October, we had it all to ourselves.

We then headed downtown for more candid coverage of this autumn wedding at Le Westin Montreal.

As the Heba and Youssef entered the reception hall, a zaffeh group escorted them onto the dance floor, drumming and getting the party started with some epic Arabic music.

I love the Westin’s modern terrace. At the end of the night, we snuck outside for a few tranquil night photos with the city lights.

Big thanks to my second photographer for the day: Roxanne Ross who covered all the groom preparations and got some amazing photos during the wedding day!

Please enjoy the following photos of Heba and Youssef’s lively autumn wedding!

Groom getting ready in his parents' home

Groom fixing his hair in the mirror

Friends putting earrings on bride

Bride dancing in her room in wedding dress

Man playing a small drum to celebrate the bride's arrival

Bride descending stairs to meet the groom

Le Westin Montreal wedding

Groom putting ring on bride at her parents' house

Mom clapping

Bride and groom standing in front of a crosswalk with blurry traffic behind

Wedding portrait at the Sir Georges Etienne Cartier statue at Mount Royal
At the Sir Georges Étienne Cartier monument

Close up of groom's hands on bride's back

Wedding portrait at the Palais des Congrès
At the Palais des Congrès
Bride and groom enter accompanied by zaffe group
Bride and groom enter accompanied by zaffe group

Bride and groom drumming on big drum

Arabic dancing at wedding reception

Groom dancing with a walk stick at Arab wedding

Groom's dad clapping

Speech from groom's brother

Speech from bride's brother

Wedding couple listening to speeches

Bride tossing the bouquet at Le Westin Montreal wedding reception

Terrace of Le Westin Montreal reception hall with view of city skyline at night

Wedding couple taking a break on the terrace during night time reception

Silhouette of wedding couple at night

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