Maternity photo in a park in Montreal

Maternity photos along the riverside in Montreal

Maternity photos in Montreal

It’s always nice to meet up with former wedding clients and take family portraits with them. But it’s a little like a magic fast-forward button as you pop in every few years and see their lives changing. When Amanda and Jeremie contacted me to say “we’re expecting a little boy”, I was so happy for them. And I was also excited because they wanted to do a maternity photo shoot to document the pregnancy. Love love!

On the day of their shoot, it was stormy, so we took some photos indoors out of the rain. Then, when it cleared up, we headed out to the nearby Lasalle riverside park for some outdoor maternity portraits.

I’d been wanting to do a shoot using this sculpture called Communion, by Jacques Carpentier, at the Parc des Rapides. It’s full of geometry (yay) and it’s meant to be walked through. It reminds me of the veins of a heart or blood vessels coming together in anatomy charts and I thought that somehow linked to pregnancy and the coming together of cells to construct a tiny human.

Bird sanctuary in ville Lasalle

After taking photos at the sculpture, we headed to the nearby bird sanctuary in Lasalle for some final couples portraits. The Parc-des-Rapides loop near the bird sanctuary is a favourite spot for photos that I don’t get out to very often. But since this couple are locals, it was perfect for them.

Here’s a small selection from their maternity photos. I decided to go all black and white for this blog post.

Want to take maternity photos?

If you’re having a baby and would like to do a relaxed maternity photo session like this one with your partner, please send me a quick message and I’ll get back to you with more info.

Indoor maternity portrait in front of a window
Smiling portrait of pregnant woman
Pregnant woman with husband on their bed
Man playing guitar for pregnant wife
Future papa playing guitar for his wife and baby
Close up of man's hands playing guitar for wife
Pregnant woman listening to husband play guitar
Close up of pregnant woman's belly and husband hands playing guitar
Maternity photo in park
Maternity photo along riverside in Lasalle
Maternity photo at Lasalle rapides bird sanctuary
Maternity photo in tall grasses at Lasalle bird sanctuary
Maternity photo shoot at Parc-des-Rapides, Montreal

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