Wedding couple after ceremony at Birks Chapel in downtown Montreal

Birks Chapel wedding photographer in downtown Montreal

Emotional wedding photography at Birks Chapel

Sarah and Brendan were married at the Birks Chapel in downtown Montreal. Located on McGill University campus, this tiny chapel is a charming location for a wedding ceremony.

While photographing the wedding, I could see that the bride and groom found great meaning in the religious aspects of the Catholic ceremony. They were so sincere in their commitment to each other and as they prayed together quietly during the ceremony, emotions ran high.

Wedding couple praying together in church
Wedding ring exchange in front of priest

Wedding preparations at the Leows Hotel Vogue

Earlier in the day, my second shooter Nadia and I joined the couple as they got ready in separate rooms at the Loews Hotel Vogue in downtown Montreal.

I take a photojournalistic approach to most of the wedding day and focus on capturing candid moments as they unfold.

During the preparations, there were some great moments to capture:

  • Sarah copying out her wedding vows by hand
  • her bridesmaid using a crochet hook to do up Sarah’s dress
  • Brendan and his mom practicing the mother-son dance in the hotel hallway
  • Sarah’s father seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress
  • a few tears and then even more laughter!
Bridesmaid hanging up wedding dress
Bowtie and boutonniere
Bride laughing with friend in hotel room
Bride's dad holding hands daughter
Bride's mother putter her necklace on

First look on the wedding day

The bride and groom walked separately to the steps of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Here, the wedding couple had an emotional first look. Tears flowed as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Groomsmen walking together downtown
Bridesmaids walking together in downtown Montreal
Groomsmen taking selfies in front of Montreal museum of fine arts
Bride and her bridesmaids walking in Montreal streets
Bride and bridesmaids arriving for the first look
Bride approching groom for the first look
Bride tapping the groom on the shoulder
First look: Groom turning to see his bride
Couple holding hands
Close up of a couple holding hands

Wedding portraits on McGill campus

We photographed the wedding couple as they walked along Sherbrooke street with their bridal party towards the venue. On the way, we stopped at McGill University campus for some wedding portraits.

Newlyweds sitting in front of Montreal museum of fine arts
Couple posing with bridesmaids and groomsmen downtown Montreal
Newlyweds holding hands in the sun
Couple sharing an intimate moment
Couple holding each other
Bride and Groom posing in a phone booth
Memories of a long-distance relationship
Groom waiting for bride at the aisle
Groom looks on as his bride arrives at Birks Chapel wedding ceremony
Bride and father walking down the aisle
Bride entering the chape with her dad
Bride kneeling in front of priest taking communion
Married couple hand in hand walking back the aisle
Family and friends waving ribbon stick at the married couple
The bride and groom exited the Chapel through a tunnel of ribbons wands waved by friends

Wedding parade of guests through the city streets

After photographing the wedding ceremony at McGill’s Birks Chapel, I covered the bride and groom as they led a parade of guests waving ribbon wands through the downtown Montreal streets.

What a great idea to have the wedding ceremony and reception venues so close to each other. The wedding parade was such a fun sight!

Walking through Mcgill campus
Wedding parade on Montreal's street
Ribbon stick in the air parade in the city by night

Wedding reception at Loews Hotel Vogue

Photographing the wedding night was a blast! There were speeches from the wedding party and parents. DJ Johnny Mix led the crowd in some fun dancing. Sarah and Brendan impressed their guests with a lovely first dance. They also made everyone laugh with their references to Star Trek.

After the final bouquet toss to end the night, our photojournalistic coverage ended and we said our goodbyes. It was truly a pleasure to work with this couple to provide documentary photography on such a happy and heartfelt day.

Married couple entering wedding reception at Loews Hotel Vogue
Happy groom surrounded by friends
Newlyweds dancing with friends
Priest praying before meal
Guest waving napking in the air
Excited friends
Bride's father giving speech during the reception
Newlyweds first dance
First dance
Artistic shoot of the newlyweds dancing
Wedding guest dancing
Guest and bride talking during the reception
Bridesmaids practicing the Star Trek hand sign
Couple dancing at wedding reception
Wedding guest silly dance during the reception
Guest having a blast at the reception
Bride throwing bouquet
Wedding guest catching bouquet

Wedding ceremony venue

Birks Heritage Chapel

Wedding reception venue

Loews Hotel Vogue

Wedding DJ and MC

Johnny Mix


Cat Around Films

Second photographer

Big thanks to my second photographer for this wedding, Nadia Zheng from Opustill.

If you’d like to see more photos of this lovely couple, check out Sarah and Brendan’s engagement session at Farine Five Roses.

Getting married at Birk’s Chapel?

If you’re planning a wedding at Birk’s Chapel and are interested in working with me, please send me a quick message. I’d love to photograph another wedding in this beautiful chapel.

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