Black and white candid photo of children at Abbaye Oka wedding

Abbaye d’Oka wedding photographer

Abbaye d’Oka wedding photos

Amélie and Gabriel were married in a simple wedding at Abbaye d’Oka. Their ceremony was held in a chapel built over 200 years ago. The luminous room has vaulting white ceilings and a peaceful ambiance. Gabriel rang the chapel bells to gather the guests into the chapel. After the ceremony, guests gathered in the yard of the Abbaye d’Oka for cocktails while Amélie and Gabriel took their wedding photos with me around the tranquil grounds of the abbey. I especially loved the tiny apple orchard within an enclosed courtyard.

**Updated for 2022: The Abbaye d’Oka was closed temporarily for wedding books in 2020-2021 due to COVID-19. You can get up-to-date information on their weddings page or by reaching out to them directly.

Abbaye d'Oka wedding ceremony
Wedding portraits at Abbaye d'Oka
Wedding portrait in apple orchard inside Abbaye d'Oka

Photographing a kid-friendly wedding

Amélie and Gabriel planned their wedding to be a fun event that would include their two kids and other young ones.

Their children were a big part of their wedding ceremony. They played a song together on the piano and violin as Amélie walked down the aisle.

Amélie and Gabriel also set up an area at the reception with toys and babysitters to watch the younger guests, so their guests with children could relax and enjoy the night.

I love photographing children at weddings, since they bring a lot of life to the party. They also make for great candid photos.

Here are a few of my favourite photos featuring kids being kids!

Bride and groom's daughters walking down the aisle at Abbaye d'Oka wedding
Bride's daughter playing piano at kid-friendly wedding ceremony
Bride's daughter playing violin at kid-friendly wedding ceremony
Black and white candid photo of children at Abbaye Oka wedding
Black and white candid photo of children running at Abbaye Oka wedding

One of my favourite photos from this wedding

It began raining softly during the photos, so we took shelter in an ancient garage for a few photos. The hanging globe lights crisscrossing the ceiling gave it a glowing orange light that was perfect.

I asked Amélie and Gabriel to stand in the doorway where the cool outdoor light was shining in. They began to practice their first dance.

I exposed the photo to retain only their silhouettes and to keep the warm colours of the light bulbs.

Silhouette of bride and groom in doorway
Silhouette of bride and groom dancing old coach house sheltered from rain

Abbaye d’Oka wedding reception

The wedding dinner at the Abbaye d’Oka started with an excited entrance from the wedding party. Amélie and Gabriel kicked the party off with their first dance and all the guests joined them on the dance floor.

A delicious meal followed and between the courses, the wedding couple’s friends gave some moving and funny speeches.

Wedding couple's grand entrance with their kids
Everyone dancing at an Abbaye Oka wedding

Karaoke king!

Towards the end of the supper, Gabriel borrowed a mike from the DJ to serenade his bride with a cheesy love ballad! Their guests ate it up!

Groom singing karaoke and wedding guest singing along

La danse des bas de laine (the wool sock dance)

In Quebec, it’s an old tradition to make any elder siblings who are not yet married perform a silly dance in their socks. Usually the socks go all the way up to their knees and are decorated in wild colours.

Amélie’s brother Amélie’s older brother gamely danced the jig, throwing in some high jumps and kicks. His little daughter then joined him on the dance floor to help her papa out.

Wool sock dance ritual at wedding
Daughter dancing with dad at wedding reception at Abbaye Oka

Are you getting married?

I loved photographing this lively Abbaye d’Oka wedding. If you’re planning your wedding at Abbaye d’Oka and you’re looking for a candid wedding photographer, please get in touch. Thanks!

Here’s some more images of the whole day of this Abbaye Oka wedding:

Groom getting ready with best man
Groom getting ready for wedding
Bride getting ready
Man doing up cuffs of older man
Candid photo of bridesmaids lacing up the bride's dress
Groom ringing the chapel bell at Abbaye Oka with his daughter
Bride and her parents entering the Abbaye Oka
Abbaye d'Oka wedding ceremony with beautiful arching ceiling
Parents clapping at wedding ceremony
Parents smiling at wedding ceremony
Smiling bride and groom look out at their wedding guests
Wedding first kiss at Abbaye d'Oka
Family lighting candles at wedding
Guest hugging flower girl
Wedding couple dancing on the grounds of the Abbaye d'Oka
Wedding portrait at Abbaye Oka
Wedding couple bowing
First dance at Abbaye d'Oka wedding
Toast by groomsman
Mother of bride speech
Best man giving a speech
Karaoke with bride and groom
Guests singing a song
Flower girl dancing with her dad
Bride and groom dancing together at night
Creative night portrait of wedding couple with lights and long exposure

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