Night view of the Basilique Notre-Dame

Romantic winter proposal in Montreal

Durgy contacted me when he was planning to propose to his girlfriend Anaar during a trip to Montreal. He was looking for a photographer to capture this romantic winter proposal!

Durgy is a Toronto magician and he staged this big moment in their relationship with lots of attention to detail and perfect timing.

Choosing where to propose in Montreal

I was able to offer some advice concerning location and timing for the proposal. Durgy wanted to propose at night in Old Montreal and since the proposal was happening around the holidays, he was hoping to do it in a place with some sparkly lights. He told me that Anaar was a fan of Disney movies and big romantic gestures. 🙂 But since they were visiting from Toronto, Durgy asked me for help finding a great spot to propose.

I suggested the perfect setting, the Place d’Armes square in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica, which is full of Christmas lights during the holidays. In the square was a glowing tree made entirely of twinkling lights. The perfect place for a romantic winter proposal!

Couple next to light tree in Place d'armes

Secret proposal photography

We planned for the wedding proposal photos to be a surprise gift he would give her later in the year, so I stayed far from the couple and captured photos of the proposal at a distance. It was a complete spy proposal photography experience. Since it was dark and there were other tourists around, it was easier for me to photograph this romantic winter proposal without Anaar noticing.

Couple standing next to a twinkly light tree
Moments before the proposal
Man reading a poem to his girlfriend

Capturing her reaction to the big question

Since Durgy is a magician, he had a whole special moment planned for the proposal, from reading her a special letter to the reveal of the ring! I captured Anaar’s happy reaction from a distance with my telephoto lens. And yup, she said yes! The lights from the nearby holiday tree surrounded them with warm happy glow as they celebrated the proposal together.

Man peeking into surprise proposal ring box
Man kneeling down to proposal to his girlfriend
Couple kissing after proposal
Couple kissing after proposal in Old Montreal

Hiring a proposal photographer in Montreal

If you’re travelling to Montreal and you’d like to hire a photographer to capture your surprise proposal, please send me a message to check if I’m free on your date.

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