Couple walking through Place d'Armes in the rain

Winter couple’s photoshoot in Montreal

Chao and Zhao contacted me to plan a couple’s photoshoot in Montreal before they returned back home to China.

After living and working in Montreal for some time, it was finally time to say goodbye to this city.

They really wanted to take photos that would capture the feeling of a Canadian winter and all the pretty lights so their families back home could see what it was like. It would make great memories of their time in Canada.

Old Montreal

We met up in Old Montreal, where there’s beautiful old architecture and lots of fairy lights to brighten the long winter nights. And we scheduled the shoot so we had a little bit of daylight and then the sun went down so we could capture the twinkling lights.

Couple's photoshoot in Place d'Armes
Couple smiling at each other with fairy lights behind them
Chilly couple in Old Montreal in winter
Couple walking along in Old Montreal
Couple's photos in front of St-Sulpice Hotel
Couple holding hands in front of window with twinkle lights
Couple looking at holiday decorations in window in Old Montreal
Couple walking holding hands in Old Montreal
Winter couple's photoshoot in an alleyway in Old Montreal
Couple walking in Old Montreal and checking out restaurants
Man and woman strolling in Old Montreal in winter

Marché de Noël

We were lucky enough to discover a fun outdoor market in Place Jacques-Cartier: the Marché de Noël. There were cozy fires to warm up by and friendly kiosks to visit.

Hope you enjoy this small selection from their couple’s photoshoot in Montreal.

Couple sitting in chair near outdoor fire pit in Montreal
Cozy cuddling by an outdoor fire pit in Old Montreal
Night time view of Marché de Noel in Old Montreal
Couple trying a photobooth at Marche de Noel
Couple leaving a message on a community drawing board
Couple leaving a message on a outdoor message board in Old Montreal
Couple warming up with coffee after photoshoot

If you’re visiting Montreal and you’d like to book a couple’s photoshoot to document your trip, please send me a message. I’d be happy to work with you!

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