Wedding couple at reception at Cabaret Lion d'Or

Cabaret Lion d’Or wedding

Roxanne and Alan’s wedding at Cabaret Lion d’Or was a treat to photograph.

June 9th. It was Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. After a freak rainstorm the day before, the day was sunny and summery. As crowds were heading to the races with their coolers and seat cushions, I was heading to Roxanne’s mom’s home in Longueuil, where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready…listening to Jack Johnson to keep the nerves at bay!

Friends coming from far and wide

Roxanne and Alan had travelled quite the distance for their wedding, flying in from London, where they live, to Montreal, where Roxanne grew up.

It was amazing to see how many of their London friends came all the way here for the wedding. Alan’s family and friends came from Ireland as well. And someone even flew in from Dubai!

You can tell how much an impact both Alan and Roxanne have on their friends, when they’re willing to fly some 5,000 km to be at their wedding! And Roxanne’s childhood friends from Quebec were just as excited to be part of her wedding day and celebrate with her. It was incredible to see how they have kept in touch all these years, with her living across the Atlantic.

Wedding ceremony at Église Sacré-Coeur-de-Jésus

The ceremony was held at Eglise Sacré Coeur De Jésus, en enormous old church with elaborate carvings and arched ceilings and echoes!

Roxanne was eager and arrived at the church early, so she waited at a distance with her dad in the fancy antique car to make her entrance. Meanwhile, Alan was standing at the church entrance chatting with guests up to the last minute. Maybe he was hoping to catch a glimpse of her pulling up. 😉

The ceremony was traditional, with a few laughs, a few teary eyes and some great moments. I especially liked that Alan and Roxanne got their friends to participate by reading various texts in both French and English. It was truly a bilingual wedding.

Casual wedding portraits along Ontario Street

The church was handily just a few blocks from the reception venue (Lion d’Or cabaret). And since there was a park a little ways down the street from the cabaret, we walked there for their portrait session, stealing some photo moments along the way. Alan and Roxanne also stopped on the way to chat with some friends who were enjoying pre-reception drinks on a shady terrace. 🙂

We wrapped up the portraits quickly and it was back to the reception for the party to start!

Cabaret Lion d’Or wedding reception

The Cabaret Lion d’Or is a great alternative wedding venue. It’s an art deco style venue that used to be a cabaret in the 1930s. Now it hosts all sorts of shows and cultural events. The decor is stylish and dim with glowing chandeliers and red velvet curtains. It’s more often a concert hall than a wedding venue and this gives it a unique charm.

Roxanne and Alan had chosen a live band called “The Jello Shots” to play at the reception; they got the guests on their feet and dancing! Check out their wedding band demo here.

Both the Irish and Québécois families and friends had a blast! I think the Irish side were impressed by the country line-dancing that sprung up during the dancing… while the Québécois side were charmed by Alan’s sister, who gave a spontaneous and heartfelt toast in French using her little travel dictionary.

A fun wedding for a pair of bons-vivants!

Hope you enjoy this selection of photos from this Cabaret Lion d’Or wedding.

Bride doing her makeup
Bride's mom with wedding bouquets
Bride doing her earring
Bridesmaid hairspraying her sister
Wedding guests gathering outside the Église Sacré Coeur de Jesus
Groom and groomsman waiting in front of church for the bride to arrive
Groom standing at front of church
Bride and her father walking into church
Wedding at Eglise Sacre Coeur de Jesus
Wedding guests laughing during ceremony
Bride looking at groom during wedding ceremony
Wedding couple lighting a candle together
Bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony
Triumphant exit from the church after the wedding
Bride chatting with friends at nearby pub
Bride and groom eating ice cream on the street
Bride and groom taking a picture in front of a red door
Wedding couple walking by a rundown appliance store
Wedding couple running in to reception at Cabaret Lion d'Or
Laughing couple at Cabaret Lion d'Or
Wedding couple kissing during speech
Wedding reception at Cabaret Lion d'Or
Bride speaking into a mike at Cabaret Lion d'Or wedding dinner
Friends of the bride sharing a game on the stage of the wedding
Bride laughing with her family
Speech by bridesmaid
Wedding couple trying to play a game with guests
Wedding guest standing up in his chair
Groom gesturing to his wedding ring
First dance at Cabaret Lion d'Or wedding
Jello Shots band performing at wedding
Wedding reception at Cabaret Lion d'Or
Jello shots band performing at Cabaret Lion d'Or wedding
Lion D'or wedding venue
Guests hanging out outdoors
Wedding guests and groom forming a pyramid
Child sleeping during wedding reception

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  1. Isa, John & Lilia says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Great moments! We had a blast. So delighted to have been, and to be, part of the big day and those to come. Loving and amazing couple. We wish them love, peace & happiness – and babies! xox

  2. Perfect day! A real fairy tale. Thank you to our very patient photograph Esther!

    1. Thanks Roxane! It was a pleasure…

      P.S. Est-ce que j’ai mal-épellé ton nom? Oops!

  3. Annissa Simmons says:

    WOW ! Super Job these are really amazing pictures . I love them & I am sure you do too, they really bring you right back to the moment they were taken. Thanks for letting us be part of such an amazing experience from start to finish we had a very memorable time.

  4. Such a great couple, such a great gift you’ve given by creating this blog. Loved reading it and seeing all the pictures.
    Love s xxx

  5. Caro Dame d'honneur ;o) says:

    Wow! Esther! Que les photos sont magnifiques!
    Merci beaucoup, ça a été un réel plaisir de partager cette merveilleuse journée avec toi! Tu as contribué grandement au bonheur de ma soeur et Alan (et au bonheur de tous!).
    Au plaisir,

  6. Micheline says:

    Quel bonheur d’avoir partagé avec vous deux cette merveilleuse journée. Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur possible tout au long de votre vie. Vous êtes tellement beaux à voir. Oups, encore quelques petites larmes.

  7. Hello! Roxanne and Alan,
    Thank you for these wonderful pictures, it was such a beautiful day: so much joy and so much love that I can see it just looking at the photographs!.
    I wish you eternal Joy, Peace and Love!


  8. Merci d’avoir partagé votre moment de bonheur avec nous tous. Je n’aurais manquée ca pour rien au monde.
    Votre photographe a su capturer cette amour, cette complicité entre vous deux. Encore félicitation !

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