Newly engaged couple in front of graffiti mural in Montreal

A winter proposal in the Plateau Mont-Royal

Aniruddh got in touch to ask me to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Hiral during their vacation in Montreal. I love shooting proposals. It’s such a happy moment! And it’s exciting to be like a spy and try to get candid photos without being noticed.

Since it was his first trip here, I gave Aniruddh some suggestions of interesting places in Montreal. He liked the idea of proposing near some colourful houses in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood.

Of course, real life Montreal weather had to happen. The proposal day dawned and it was so cold and windy. I cannot emphasize enough how cold it was. But we carried on in spite of the freezing weather. 🙂

Aniruddh led Hiral through the Carre Saint-Louis park and towards the colourful homes. He pulled out a poem he had written for her. Because it was her birthday that weekend, she expected something a little special, but had no idea he was going to propose. Then he got down on one knee on a freezing cold Montreal street and she knew!

I loved shooting Hiral’s emotional and happy reaction to this surprise proposal. So cute! After sharing my congratulations with the happy couple, I took them around the neighbourhood for some fun couple’s photos. I mean…engagement photos? Yes!

Carré Saint Louis proposal

Proposal happening on Montreal street corner

Excited woman who just got engaged

New fiances kissing on park bench at Carre Saint Louis

Newly engaged couple hugging happily

Engaged couple walking holding hands

Newly engaged couple kissing on the winter street

Couple in front of Plateau Mont-Royal house

Fiancé kissing his girl's forehead

Couple sitting on stairs and hugging

After freezing our butts off for a while taking pictures, we took refuge inside Negasake, a local Japanese/Korean restaurant. Aniruddh and Hiral toasted their engagement with some sake.

Couple pouring sake

Couple toasted their new engagement with sake

Guy kissing girl on forehead

Couple holding hands inside Japanese restaurant

Girl kissing guy on cheek as he laughs

After warming up a bit, we headed back out into the cold and headed up to Dragon Flowers florist in the Mile-End. I’d been meaning to take some couple’s photos in front of this flower shop, which in a local institution. The owner Tamey Lau has covered the front of her shop with hanging white birdcages. It’s a beautiful and whimsical sight!

Couple hugging framed by hanging birdcages

Romantic engagement photo in front of Dragon Flowers

Newly engaged couple making silly faces at camera

Newly engaged couple in front of graffiti mural in Montreal

We finished up our photoshoot with a visit to the nearby Le Depanneur Café.

Newly engaged couple playing the piano together at Le Depanneur coffeeshop

Newly engaged couple playing the piano together at Cafe Le Depanneur

Hope you enjoy these photos and the story of this secret proposal!

If you’re looking for a secret proposal photographer in Montreal, please send me a quick message and I’ll get back to you with pricing and more info.

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