Groom dipping the bride for a kiss at Espace Canal wedding in Montreal

Espace Canal wedding photographer in Montreal

After 6 years of dating long distance, with lots of travel across Canada and the U.S., Mollie and Johanu finally decided to tie the knot and celebrate their wedding in one of their favourite cities: Montreal.

They were looking for a photographer to capture the spontaneous moments and all the fun emotions of their wedding.

Here’s a few of my highlights from their wedding day:

The Espace Canal wedding venue

Espace Canal is a great alternative wedding venue in Montreal’s Saint-Henri neighbourhood. Located in an old industrial brick building called Chateau St-Ambroise which is filled with a labyrinth of corridors and stairwells. Espace Canal has an outdoor terrace facing the Lachine Canal. The indoor reception area has exposed pipes and ducts for a bit of a warehouse look, but otherwise, the space is pretty much a blank slate that each couple can adapt to their wedding.

Their first look photos

Mollie and Johanu saw each other before their ceremony for a first look beside the Lachine Canal.

Their crazy bunch of friends

Mollie and Johanu had a huge wedding party with 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen. Everyone travelled from far and wide to attend the wedding! Their friends played such a big role in their day, from actually officiating the wedding ceremony, to doing readings to playing music for the first dance. From toasts to tears and from laughter to crazy dance moves…they brought the awesome!

A heartfelt memorial at the wedding ceremony

Before walking down the aisle, Mollie released some balloons in honour of her dad, who had passed away. The guests watched them float away into the sky. It was such a poignant moment and was made even more emotional when Johanu went to meet her and they walked down the aisle together.

Planning an Espace Canal wedding?

If you’re looking for natural and spontaneous photography for your wedding, please send me a message to see if I’m available. I’d love to hear more about your wedding plans.

Bride getting ready at the Marriott Springhill Suites

Bridesmaids and bride getting ready in the bathroom of the hotel

Bridesmaids and balloons in the elevator at the Marriott Springhill Suites, Old Montreal
Bridesmaids and balloons in the elevator at the Marriott Springhill Suites, Old Montreal

Bride hugging family member

Bride holding her flower girls safely in the limo with no seat belts

Groomsmen practicing a song on the guitar

Groom getting ready

Groomsmen hanging out on the balcony with beers before wedding

Bride walks up behind groom
First look at Espace Canal, Chateau St-Ambroise, Montreal

Groom's excited reaction as he sees the bride on the wedding day

Wedding couple holding hands with excited faces

Wedding couple holding hands and walking along Lachine Canal
Along the Lachine Canal

Vertical shot of wedding couple along Lachine Canal bike path

Bride and groom laughing as her veil blows in the wind

Wedding portrait at l’Espace Canal, Chateau Saint-Ambroise
Wedding portraits at L’Espace Canal, Chateau Saint-Ambroise

Wedding couple dipping for a kiss and framed by balusters

Wedding couple climbing fire escape at Chateau Saint-Ambroise
Bride and groom exploring Chateau St-Ambroise for their wedding portraits

Groom sitting on fire escape and kissing bride standing in front of him

Groom waiting for bride to arrive at ceremony

The bride releasing balloons in memory of her father who passed away
As she arrived, Mollie released balloons in memory of her father who passed away

Bride releasing balloons in memory of her dad

Bride's mom and brother emotional as they watch the balloons rise

Groom reaching out his hand to bride as she arrives
Johanu went to join the emotional Mollie and the wedding couple walked up together

Emotional entrance of bride and groom holding hands

Wedding couple walk into the ceremony together

Family and guests emotional at wedding ceremony

Emotional bridesmaids holding hands

Groom putting ring on bride's finger

First kiss as married couple in front of gazebo

Just married wedding couple at Saint-Ambroise venue

Wedding couple hugging after they just got married

Bridesmaids and bride standing in a fountain

Groomsmen portrait in front of brick wall

Bridesmaids portrait with bride

Groomsmen jumping off a wall

Wedding party portrait framed by a fountain

The entire wedding party standing in front of a tall building and cheering

Wedding couple enters the reception while their wedding party holds signs

First dance at Espace Canal

Romantic first dance at Espace Canal wedding venue
First dance at the Espace Canal hall at L’Ambroisie wedding venue

Groomsmen playing a song at the wedding reception

Travel-themed wedding decor with globe for guests to sign
World globe “guestbook” for an international note

Wine bottles for guests to leave messages in for 5 year anniversary and 10 year anniversary

Library-theme wedding place cards so guests can find their seat with a book
A vintage library card catalog held the place cards

Cupcake tower

Book-themed table at wedding

Photo of book: Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
Each table was labeled with one of the couple’s favourite books

Origami flower folded from a map

Map with words "Home is wherever I'm with with" written on it
Handmade wedding décor with a travel theme

Grandmother getting candy from a sweet table

Speech by the groom’s mother
Speech by the groom’s mother

Bride and groom listening to speeches

Groomsman speech

Bridesmaid raising her beer bottle

Friends crying as they hug

Friends singing on the dance floor

Groomsman dancing at Espace Canal

Groom and friend doing a shot

Bridesmaids singing on the dance floor

Wedding details:

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